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NL Community Manifest

We create opportunities for every person to gain a foothold, take off and fly!

5 community principles

5 community principles


To unite people, teams, nets and the company. To work together rather than "every man for himself". To appreciate the contribution of every community member.

5 community principles


To share profit, be needed, make the world better and cleaner. To prove the system reliability and the goods quality by the actions.

5 community principles


To be real. To run business ecologically. To open our system to the society as a comprehensive and transparent business model.

5 community principles


To increase efficiency in business and life. To be proactive - not to expect improvements from outside. To act systematically rather than occasionally.

5 community principles


Not to rest on your laurels. Never. To think big and set ambitious goals. To take responsibility and be a leader, become better in your field.

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System Certification ISO 22000 SGS


NL International products are compliant with European quality standards and are certified by SGS which is the world's leading inspection, verification, and testing company.

We have an ISO 22000 international standard certificate that confirms the requirements for a food safety management system.

Штаб-квартира и производственная площадка компании NL International находятся в Новосибирске и занимают более 2,5 тысячи квадратных метров.

Besides, our goods are produced on the basis of independent manufacturers from Russia, France, Germany, Italy, and Korea in compliance with production processes and final goods inspection requirements.

We opened 83 stores and 284 offices in 24 countries

Карта всегда под рукой в твоём телефоне

Every day 150 000 people visit making 26 000 orders.

We unite dedicated people and offer them opportunities to start their own business in partnership with NL International.

Our goal is more healthy and successful people who change their lives for the better.

450 000 managers
2 600 000 clients